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My middle score was 596 now it is a 680. I bought my dream home and my dream pickup truck. My bank told me they would have charged me 19% on my truck loan with my old scores. I got my truck loan at 4%. I saved $187.90 per month for the next 60 months on interest to my truck loan. That equals over $11,000 I saved in interest and I don’t pay rent anymore.                                                                                                               William Ayers

I met Brian through the landlord of the last house we rented. Mine and my wife’s credit scores were 530-560. Brian absolutely went above and beyond calling collectors with me and negotiating settlements, making payment arrangements and demanding the collectors remove the entries from our reports upon payment. After hiring Brian in June 2018, by March of 2019 our scores were 650-680.  We bought our first house after 18 years of marriage in May 2019. The man knows his stuff. I recommend Brian over and over. I know of one friend of mine that hired him as well off my recommendation.

This isn’t a one sided deal mind you. You have to commit to paying these debts on your credit report. Brian will help you decide when and where your money should go. Listen to him.

Like Dave Ramsey says, “Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else.”

Brian will show you the way…

                                                Lee and Jennifer B.

I have worked with Brian for  over 10 years. Not only has he helped me with credit score issues but I have sent him clients that we’re just as satisfied as I was.  He has a complete understanding of the entire process and can explain it to his clients in a manner that is logical and understandable.  I highly recommend Brian for your credit repair issues.                                                                                                          Jeff Jones

I have worked with Brian on several difficult, score challenged loans. He returns my clients back to me quickly, and with higher credit scores. The loans Brian helps me close would not have closed otherwise. Working with Brian is like found money and he has always answered my questions if someone just needed a little help. I love having my own Credit Tech Support.                                       Michael Shadowens

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