I am as excited about helping my next client as I was helping my first client. My passion has never waned. I have been given the gift and love of teaching credit and credit scoring. Credit is something I have always seen clearly and have never grown tired of. I have well over 30,000 hours of teaching credit and solving credit problems.


My name is Brian Chamberlain. I am the Owner at Credit Bodyguard. I have solved credit problems for good people in bad situations since June of 2003. I teach a credit recovery class at the Tennessee Department of Corrections for nonviolent drug offenders. I teach credit recovery classes at both men’s and women’s drug and alcohol rehabs. I also volunteer my services to two foster organizations and a battered women’s shelter in Knoxville, TN. To say I enjoy teaching credit and credit scoring is an understatement.

I charge a flat fee of $299 for one person and $125 each to add up to 3 people. My services are available to you until your mortgage closes. I want this to be a quick process for you. I do not charge by the month. I have no motivation to make getting your credit scores up, taking longer than it needs to.

I am not a credit repair company; I am a teacher, a heavy lifter, and your source for credit tech support. Credit is about an extremely specific set of rules. It is a software program. If you give the computer what it wants, it will give you what you want, a higher credit score. My job is to help you understand the credit rules, but only if you want to know.

If you knew what the credit rules were, you wouldn’t be reading this. One of the things I can do if you want me to is teaching you how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Once you understand the how and the why of credit, everything in your financial world becomes more manageable. Credit is not a moving target; credit rules are the same for Warren Buffet as they are for you. The only difference is the number of zeros on the balances.

This process does not take long. Good credit adds points, and bad credit takes points. It is super simple. You can have all the good reporting credit you need and pay less than $5 per month in interest. It is not a debt derby. Also, a lot of your problems might need to be dealt with on the creditor level. I will call your creditors for you, with you on the phone. I will negotiate for you. I have over 17 years of experience settling bad debt with a credit file deletion as the primary goal.

What I do:
Review your credit. Tell you what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what you need to do next.
Determine if any new good reporting credit is needed. If so, I will aid you in the acquisition of the new credit accounts you need.
Determine if we need to deal with any of your problems directly with the collection agency or original creditor. If so, we will make those calls together. Let my 17 years of negotiating with creditors do the talking.
Prepare and mail your disputes. I do not dispute like internet credit repair. My process is more effective.
Wait on the dispute process to complete. It is a 40ish day process. During this time, I will answer any questions you have. I won’t chase you down, but if you email me questions, they will get answered.
When the dispute process is complete, we will determine what is next. We will deal with what is in front of us until we reach our goal.

Logic has no place in any conversation concerning credit. Let us assume you have a collection on your credit report that is truly not yours. You are not connected to this account in any way. We dispute it. The results could very well come back with one bureau deleting it, one bureau updating it as paid in full, and one bureau leaving it as an open, active collection on your account. Now what? Simple, we contact the creditor, politely point out their mistake and follow them through with the removal from your credit report. Does that work 100% of the time? No, it works a lot of the time. Sometimes creditors are so ridiculous to deal with that we just have to move on or hire a lawyer. The good news is we need more wins than loss. We will keep dealing with what is in front of us until we get the score we want. Life is not always fair, and neither is credit.

What I do not do:

I do not make the credit bureaus do anything. Anyone who says they can is a liar.
What I do is put you in the best position to succeed. I am very good at that. My credit reviews are pretty accurate. If I see anything that will be a significant hold-up, I will let you know.
I do not know when your disputes are complete. You will have to keep an eye on your credit monitoring. Once they are, please email me, we will take the necessary next steps together.

Most of my clients become credit score worthy for a home loan in 60 days or less. Some take longer. But become credit score worthy you will if you do what I ask you to do the way I ask you to do it. My service is available to you until you get your home loan.

The best way to reach me is by email. My email address is creditbodyguard@gmail.com unless it is a quick question, do not call or text me. It is likely I will respond to your query in my mind only. If I do not reply in 12 hours, please email me again. I don’t want any of your questions going unanswered. I charge $299 not $3,000. You have to participate with me for this to work quickly. I am on your schedule.

Experience is Everything


I have been solving credit problems before the Fair Credit Reporting Act was a thing.

I know what the creditors and collectors can do, what they will try to get away with either out of indifference or ignorance.

Part of my job is to know their job, and almost every time I have been doing my job a lot longer than they have been doing theirs.