Real FICO Mortgage Credit Score Below 800?

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Learn to be credit educated and get rid of the guesswork.
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• Stop paying higher interest rates & longer terms
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Most people don’t realize how to use credit to their advantage. You are always paying higher interest rates, longer loan terms and are taken advantage of by lenders.

Credit Bodyguard shows you how to get the best interest rates, increase your credit score quickly, qualify for loans, and how to confidently manage your credit.

I Have Been There Too!

Brian Chamberlain, Credit Score Specialist

 In 2002, I was in the exact same position, having lost over $2 million dollars. I was in the worst financial position in my life and my credit score was basically a dumpster fire.

I went to work and spent years studying to become an expert at managing credit, and I have helped 100’s of clients not only improve their credit but helped them also become experts at managing their credit. Credit BodyGuard has over 30,000 hours spent solving credit problems at the creditor level and teaching credit management. Credit scoring is computer-generated, It’s nobody’s opinion.

We have discovered what the rules are and we follow them. We show you how too do the same. Many firms charge up to $3600 for this service. Our fees start as low as $50. You will never look at credit the same way ever again, our plans are designed to empower you and put you in charge of your own destiny.

Change Your Credit Forever…..

We love to see our Clients Win!

• People with better credit pay 10’s of thousands less in interest fees.
• Interest is a tax on credit!
• Your kids will get better college loans if your credit is better!
• You could give yourself a giant pay raise if you raised your credit score.
• Your authority and future promotions at work can depend on your credit score!
• Future financial gains and opportunity are limited by your credit score.

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