I am as excited about helping my next client as I was helping my first client. My passion has never waned. I have been given the gift and love of teaching credit and credit scoring. Credit is something I have always seen clearly and have never grown tired of. I have well over 30,000 hours of teaching credit and solving credit problems.

Meet Brian

I am Brian Chamberlain, the founder and owner of Credit Bodyguard, and I have been solving credit problems since 1997. I have worked in and around the mortgage industry for years. My previous career experience includes: real estate agent, real estate developer, and a mortgage officer. Since June of 2003 Credit Coach has been my sole occupation.

The first time I saw a mortgage credit report it just made sense to me. I have a supernatural understanding of a bizarre subject and it has become my passion. Helping others reach their credit goals when they have been told no and don’t know where to turn is extremely fulfilling. I have gained a wealth of information working in the credit industry for so many years. Credit is not a moving target. The conversation never changes. I have had the same conversation with every single one of my clients since June of 2003. And I still love teaching credit and solving credit problems. From retired NFL players to a single parent barely hanging on. The rules are the same no matter what.

My Goals are to make Credit Repair obsolete, raise the bar on what passes for credit education & create a path to home ownership & low interest rates on consumer loans for as many people as I can. Most of my clients are score worthy in less than 60 days.

Giving Back

I teach a credit recovery class for the Tennessee Department of Corrections non-violent drug offender program at its Day Reporting Center in Knoxville TN.

I volunteer my services at 2 foster organizations. I help families with car and home loans, repossessions, foreclosures, rebuilding credit, garnishments, etc. One is the Blount County Foster Parent Association and the other is OmniVision’s Relative Caregiver Program.

I teach credit recovery classes at men’s and women’s drug and alcohol rehabs in East TN and I volunteer my services if they are in the middle of a crisis. Such as wage garnishment, repossession or foreclosure.

Experience is Everything


I have been solving credit problems before the Fair Credit Reporting Act was a thing.

I know what the creditors and collectors can do, what they will try to get away with either out of indifference or ignorance.

Part of my job is to know their job, and almost every time I have been doing my job a lot longer than they have been doing theirs.