Credit Liaison Service


Welcome Nanette and Claudia!

We are excited to have your interest in our Credit Liaison Service, where we take your previous clients and turn them into new closing opportunities.

As the name of this service implies, you are the bridge between us and them. Please read the following information to understand how this process works!

Any questions or comments, please email them to:

Phase I
Discussion and Approach

1 to 2 days

After agreeing to start this journey with us, we will get together and discuss what particular situations your previous clients seem to be in. Once an archetype is established, we will progress onto finalizing how best to approach these individuals/couples. Most often that is you emailing them and including our website link where they can ask all the credit questions they want… at no cost to you or them!

Phase II
Contact and Query

1 to 2 days

If your situation is somewhat peculiar and a simple email blast just won’t cut it, we can figure out another solution. Otherwise, the emails get sent out through you or our third party email blast service. Your previous clients will be prompted to go to our website and submit their credit questions and any relevant context to them via this link.

Phase III
Accumulate and Analyze

1 to 3 weeks

At this point, we have their information and they have contacted us through our website with their questions. The only thing left for you is to sit back and wait for them to come calling! We will begin to prepare our responses to all those that answered and keep you updated with the response rate.

Phase IV
Respond and Suggest

3 to 5 days

We begin to send out our responses, which are in the form of an email from us directing them to our site to view their report. In this report, there is a clear Q&A format, very simple question and answer layout. Again, we will keep you updated with the success rate of how many people view their reports!

Phase V
Track and Improve

20 to 90+ days

For those that viewed their report, we will reach out to them in bi-monthly to monthly intervals (depending on their credit situation) and just do a credit health check. All of this will be recorded and, again, reported to you either in weekly, monthly, or whatever you’d like time frames.

Phase VI
Finalize and Refer

1 to 2 days

We will be the first to know when your previous clients are ready to take the next step, and by proxy so will you! Our two decades of experience have told us new-found credit score increases come with big decisions after… and we want you to get the business you deserve! We will report on these clients as soon as possible.