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We are excited to have your interest in our Premium Credit Content Service where we give you the opportunity to reach out to your CRM list in a whole new way.

Our Credit Score Specialist has been solving credit problems since 1997. The three questions anyone on your CRM list asks and our example questions with answers about the credit basics are completely free.

Any questions or comments, please email them to:

How Can We Help?

The Answer… Our Referral Avalanche!

Reconnecting with your previous clients and helping them move from low 700 to 800 benefits everyone involved. They will not only thank you for the help but make sure their friend group knows how amazing you are and how you always look out for them. Anyone on your CRM or friends of anyone on your CRM’s list can ask us three questions about anything credit related. This is the beginning of a referral avalanche. You put yourself in a position to immediately impact everyone your CRM or anyone connected to it.

Our Credit Score Specialist, for the past two decades, has developed near-bulletproof strategies to boost credit scores from the low 500’s to mid 600’s, as well as, the upper 600’s to the lower 800’s. These strategies both include a process that will help you quietly stay in contact with them and/or create some Facebook live events that will help you gain new referrals. From the perspective of your these people that we help
you will be their hero.

Other than the free answers to their credit questions, if they want our Credit Score Specialist to walk them through to 800 mortgage scores and beyond, we have a service that pairs nicely for only $50. That’s a one time fee and it includes a free credit report review with their personalized path to 800 scores.

Why Work With Us?

We Have Been Here Since the Beginning

Credit’s foundation is an oddly specific set of rules that nobody really knows specifically. “Why?” you might ask? Because the confused are easily misled. Everyone is being fed exactly what creditors and collectors want them to know. This allows them to rob the masses with a pencil while being thanked for it. Put our Credit Score Specialist’s over 2 decades worth of credit problem solving, debt negotiation and credit score management skills to work for the clients you love.


The Unseen Benefits

Of Your Clients Fully Utilizing Their Credit

Raising credit scores from 670 to 740 or 580 to 650 will help your clients reduce their interest rates on car loans. For example, our Credit Score Specialist (CSS) recently took a couple in New Jersey from 670 to 740 and saved them $336 per month by refinancing $82,000 worth of debt in two car loans. That’s refinancing not trading in. They didn’t take a beating on depreciation, but rather kept the cars they liked/ran well and the new car dealer didn’t eat them for lunch. How much more house can they buy now? How much easier is it for them to qualify now?

Besides reducing interest and saving money, high credit scores empower borrowers to expand their business. Another example, our CSS helped a couple in South Carolina who currently own a property management company get their scores from around 650 to over 700 and they got a $100,000 unsecured line of credit. They are currently buying investment property 100% LTV.

From our experience, big financial decisions follow newfound credit worthiness… and we want you to be apart of them!

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